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Are you a young woman ready to explore your potential, develop new skills, and join a community of like-minded peers? iRIS Blooms is your chance to grow in leadership, creativity, and empowerment. Our program offers a unique blend of educational, cultural, and personal development opportunities. Apply now, to start your journey with iRIS Blooms. Join us today and take the first step towards becoming the leader and changemaker you aspire to be!

Youth Application

Application portal closed for the 2023-2024 school year.

Will reopen August 2024

When you collaborate with Iris Blooms, you become a key player in empowering more girls to discover and harness their strength and potential. Join us on our mission to inspire, motivate, and bolster the confidence of the next generation of women.

Thank you for considering a corporate partnership with Iris Blooms. To better align our collaboration with your company's objectives, we invite you to complete the attached form by clicking "Click here to partner with us". This will help us understand your goals and preferred methods of contribution, allowing us to tailor our subsequent actions more effectively.

Your contribution leads to more joyful, healthy, and confident girls! By supporting iRIS Blooms, you back a program with a proven track record of boosting participants' confidence, physical activity, and essential life skills.

At iRIS Blooms, we care about our youth and strive to provide them with the resources they need in order to become successful leaders in their communities. We are committed to empowering today’s youth to be the leaders of tomorrow. Donate today, and help us in continuing to make an impact on the lives of our community’s youth.

Your gift makes a difference. Your contributions will allow us to continue the momentum and change our communities, one girl at a time.

iRIS Blooms is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Every donation is tax deductible

Are you eager to contribute to the growth and empowerment of young women? IRIS Blooms invites you to become a volunteer or mentor, playing a crucial role in inspiring and guiding our participants. As part of our team, you'll have a profound impact on these young women, aiding in the development of their leadership skills, boosting their confidence, and supporting their personal and educational aspirations. Our mission is to nurture the future leaders of tomorrow, and your wisdom, experience, and mentorship are invaluable in this journey. Join IRIS Blooms as a volunteer or mentor and be a pillar of encouragement and strength in our empowering community!

Thank  YOU! 

Partners, Mentors, Volunteers, and Donors

Akilah Paramore
Bianca Wilson
Brandi Daniel
Brave Initiatives organization
Che'Keita Jones
Chef Crystal Nichols
Chris Camper, esq.
Conswella Ecckles
Detroit Public Schools Community District
Domonique Cheathem
Dr. Carla Watson
Dr. Carlotta Prince
Dr. Keturah Jeffries
Dr. Lauren Jefferson-Rush
Ecotek Lab
Erica McClendon
Ericka Browning
Gwen Beckley
H20 Martial Arts and Fitness
Horatio Williams Foundation

Thank you for your support:  Akilah Paramore, Bianca Wilson, Brandi Daniel, Brave Initiatives, Che'Keita Jones, Chef Crystal Nichols, Chris Camper, esq.- Call Camper, Conswella Ecckles, Detroit Public Schools Community District, Domonique Cheathem, Dr. Carla Watson, Dr. Carlotta Prince, Dr. Keturah Jeffries, Dr. Lauren Jefferson-Rush, Ecotek Lab, Erica McClendon, Ericka Browning, Gwen Beckley, H20 Martial Arts and Fitness, Horatio Williams Foundation, J&F Advisors, Journi, Judge Aliyaah Sabree, Junior Achievement Finance Park, Keiyania Mann, Kevin Tolbert, Keyuna Evans, esq., Kicks 4 Kids Foundation, Kimberly Kitchen, esq., Krista Boswell, Kristy Love, Lakenya Marshall, Marilyn Troublefield, Mya Jones, Nailah Holden, Pamela Troublefield, PhaShunta Smith, Qiana Goodwin, Ralph Godbee, Raquel White, Richard Grundy, Robyn Fuller, Ryan Jackson, SHARE Detroit, Shawan Dortch, Stacee Smith, T.Rose Foundation, Tacara Woods, Tamala Troublefield, Thaddeus Johnson, The Connection Network, Detroit
Thank you for your support: The Michael Organization, Tiahia Lee, Tiffany Brown, Tiffany Eason, Toi Chatman, Tonie Stovall, Umbrellex Behavioral Health Services, United Way, Valencia Paige, Detroit

J&F Advisors
Judge Aliyaah Sabree
Junior Achievement Finance Park
Keiyania Mann
Kevin Tolbert
Keyuna Evans, esq
Kicks 4 Kids Foundation
Kimberly Kitchen, esq.
Krista Boswell
Kristy Love
Lakenya Marshall
Marilyn Troublefield
Mya Jones
Nailah Holden
Pamela Troublefield
PhaShunta Smith
Qiana Goodwin
Ralph Godbee
Raquel White

Richard Grundy
Robyn Fuller
Ryan Jackson
SHARE Detroit
Shawan Dortch
Stacee Smith
T.Rose Foundation
Tacara Woods
Tamala Troublefield
Thaddeus Johnson
The Connection Network
The Michael Organization
Tiahia Lee
Tiffany Brown
Tiffany Eason
Toi Chatman
Tonie Stovall
Umbrellex Behavioral Health Services
United Way
Valencia Paige

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